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Added by Peter Belkner about 10 years ago

mp3enc: mux a XING header

The patch below provides exactly that to the MP3 muxer. A XING header

  • the numer of frames,
  • the size, and
  • a TOC

is generated.

It's based on an idea by Anton Khirnov (restricted to the number of
frames) found at


The TOC is generated as found in lame's "VbrTag.c".

According to my tests the following reproduces the number of frames, the
size and the TOC in "c.mp3" from "b.mp3" (except a shift due to shorter
XING header generated by FFmpeg):

lame -V2 a.wav b.mp3
ffmpeg -i b.mp3 -acodec copy -y c.mp3


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