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audiogen.c 5.34 KB 6f2162b4 about 12 years Diego Biurrun Mark functions only used within the test progra... 17.8 KB e935fa9e over 11 years Stefano Sabatini Prefer -vcodec rawvideo over -vcodec huffyuv fo... 1.33 KB 7a8d0e97 about 12 years Diego Biurrun Skip creation of tests/data directory in indivi...
ffserver.conf 4.59 KB 688a4773 about 12 years Diego Biurrun Rename test.conf --> ffserver.conf, the new nam...
ffserver.regression.ref 477 Bytes 31e2d5d3 about 12 years Baptiste Coudurier update ffserver regression ref Originally comm...
lavf.regression.ref 6.4 KB ebb651d5 over 11 years Reimar Döffinger Make sure that dv encoder initializes all encod...
lena.pnm 192 KB 6afd3b92 about 18 years Michael Niedermayer finished integrating rotozoom test in ffmpeg re...
rotozoom.c 7.15 KB 6c2a778d almost 12 years Carl Eugen Hoyos Remove unused global variable. Originally comm...
rotozoom.regression.ref 16 KB ebb651d5 over 11 years Reimar Döffinger Make sure that dv encoder initializes all encod... 524 Bytes 62cb577e about 12 years Diego Biurrun Rename --> for ...
seek.regression.ref 177 KB afcdf342 over 11 years Baptiste Coudurier update seek regression tests due to r19902 Ori...
seek_test.c 3.13 KB 888facff about 12 years Benoit Fouet Fix seek test build, by undefining printf and f...
tiny_psnr.c 3.9 KB 1e90317b almost 13 years Michael Niedermayer Fix tiny_psnr so it compares all bytes (it did ...
videogen.c 7.31 KB 966116b9 almost 12 years Diego Biurrun Remove some hunks of unused and disabled code c...
vsynth.regression.ref 15.9 KB ebb651d5 over 11 years Reimar Döffinger Make sure that dv encoder initializes all encod...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
e935fa9e 09/29/2009 09:53 PM Stefano Sabatini

Prefer -vcodec rawvideo over -vcodec huffyuv for lavfi regression
tests, as the use of huffyuv may cause the auto-insertion of a scale
filter, thus masking the mis-behavior of some filter.

Originally committed as revision 20088 to svn://

0e829974 09/29/2009 07:49 PM Michael Kostylev

Fix md5 program invocation for BSD.
patch by Michael Kostylev, michael.kostylev gmail com

Originally committed as revision 20086 to svn://

ebb651d5 09/29/2009 07:17 PM Reimar Döffinger

Make sure that dv encoder initializes all encoded packet data.
The specification does not say which value to use for unused
parts, so fill all unused bytes with 0xff, which is consistent
with what DV usually uses for reserved or unused parts.

Originally committed as revision 20084 to svn://

7f5c1421 09/27/2009 10:29 AM Stefano Sabatini

Remove duplicated / stray code which slipped in with r20057.

Originally committed as revision 20060 to svn://

06d7f30a 09/27/2009 10:06 AM Reimar Döffinger

Get rid of "function" "keywords" in lavfilter testing code, hopefully will
make regressions tests runnable again with all shells.

Originally committed as revision 20059 to svn://

40e02409 09/27/2009 09:33 AM Stefano Sabatini

Implement a lavfitest target for testing regressions in libavfilter.
The target is disabled.

See the thread: "[PATCH] libavfilter-soc: regression test for libavfilter".

Originally committed as revision 20057 to svn://

670bd200 09/21/2009 02:46 AM Måns Rullgård

regtest: do not write to /tmp/ffmpeg$$

Nothing useful was ever written to this file. It did, however,
often cause spurious failures when the file was left behind by
another user on the system.

Originally committed as revision 19938 to svn://

96fdb624 09/21/2009 01:40 AM Måns Rullgård

Split dnxhd regression test so the parts can run in parallel

Originally committed as revision 19936 to svn://

3fdd8276 09/19/2009 10:53 AM Reimar Döffinger

Use default sws_flags for dnxhd regression tests and also test the "-mbd rd"
variant of the encoder.

Originally committed as revision 19923 to svn://

d7c2e8e3 09/19/2009 10:21 AM Reimar Döffinger

Update regression reference for DNxHD test update

Originally committed as revision 19922 to svn://

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