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Added by Michael Niedermayer about 10 years ago

Merge remote branch 'qatar/master'

  • qatar/master: (37 commits)
    In avcodec_open(), set return code to an error value only when an error occurs instead of unconditionally at the start of the function.
    lavc: remove reference to opt.h from Makefile.
    prefer avio_check() over url_exist()
    avio: remove AVIO_* access symbols in favor of new AVIO_FLAG_* symbols
    lavu: remove misc disabled cruft
    lavu: remove FF_API_OLD_IMAGE_NAMES cruft
    NOT PULLED lavu: remove FF_API_OLD_EVAL_NAMES cruft
    lavc: remove misc disabled cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_INOFFICIAL cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_SET_STRING_OLD cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_USE_LPC cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_SUBTITLE_OLD cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_VIDEO_OLD cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_AUDIO_OLD cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_OPT_SHOW cruft.
    lavc: remove the FF_API_MM_FLAGS cruft.
    lavf: remove misc disabled cruft.
    lavf: remove FF_API_INDEX_BUILT cruft
    lavf: remove FF_API_URL_CLASS cruft.
    lavf: remove FF_API_SYMVER cruft

Merged-by: Michael Niedermayer <>


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