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Added by Philip Gladstone over 19 years ago

  • Fix a nasty problem with output buffering not have enough (or large enough)
    buffers. In fact, the code was pretty much shot.
  • Try to fool WMP into thinking that we are a microsoft server.
  • When we establish a stream to a user, copy the codec information from
    that saved as part of the stream. This gives us the real frame_size and
    other important parameters.
  • ASF needs to know about key frames, so add some logic to copy this information
  • When we get the data from ffmpeg as part of a feed, make sure that we save
    the actual codec parameters.
  • Allow configuration of AudioCodec and VideoCodec
  • Make sure that we delete the feed file before starting. This is not ideal
    but it makes things work a whole lot better!

Originally committed as revision 454 to svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk


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