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@section I have a problem with an old version of Libav; where should I report it?
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Nowhere. We do not support old Libav versions in any way, we simply lack
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the time, motivation and manpower to do so. If you have a problem with an
old version of Libav, upgrade to the latest Subversion snapshot. If you
old version of Libav, upgrade to the latest git snapshot. If you
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still experience the problem, then you can report it according to the
28 28
guidelines in @url{}.
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@item We are busy and haven't had time yet to read your report or
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investigate the issue.
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@item You didn't follow @url{}.
@item You didn't use Subversion HEAD.
@item You didn't use git master.
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@item You reported a segmentation fault without gdb output.
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@item You describe a problem but not how to reproduce it.
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@item It's unclear if you use ffmpeg as command line tool or use

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