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grapes / src / ChunkIDSet / chunkids_ops.c @ 176b8de8

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176b8de8 11/07/2014 09:53 AM Luca Baldesi

export configuration structure files.

configuration tool has changed its name into grapes_config and it's now available as a public interface of the GRAPES library

0041ff7c 05/31/2011 01:30 PM Luca Abeni

Switch to a better way to select different implementations

1c063cb3 05/31/2011 12:52 PM Luca Abeni

Split the set and list operations in different files

bf657b99 05/31/2011 11:43 AM Luca Abeni

Move a function to reduce differences a little bit

31c9346c 02/23/2011 03:03 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunkid_set: fix: faster int_cmp

13aa736d 02/22/2011 02:25 PM Csaba Kiraly

chunkidset: if not a list, order the set and use binary search

7913b03a 10/11/2010 01:59 PM Csaba Kiraly

verify config_parse return value in various files

3d137997 07/27/2010 08:53 AM Csaba Kiraly

renaming som to src