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grapes / src / CloudSupport / libs3_delegate_helper.c @ 0d550e4f

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0a8eb28a 04/28/2011 08:39 AM Andrea Zito

Removed debug outputs leftovers

d16de6b5 04/23/2011 08:32 AM Andrea Zito

Added explicit mention of stdint header in libs3 delegate helper

98b047dd 04/13/2011 02:22 PM Andrea Zito

Added support for get_from_cloud_default which return a default value if key is not present

80d1577c 04/13/2011 11:53 AM Andrea Zito

Fixed thread unsafe operations in net_helper

849c120e 04/11/2011 04:02 PM Andrea Zito

better specified the completion criteria of recv_form_cloud

4626022b 04/11/2011 03:57 PM Andrea Zito

Fixed a memory leak in libs3_delegate_helper

4cf3fafe 04/10/2011 06:17 PM Andrea Zito

Bug fix: mysql/libs3 delegate helper always reported empty data after a successful recv operation

a872226d 04/01/2011 12:50 PM Andrea Zito

libs3_delegate_helper uses request_handler to manage blocking operations

dcee56b1 03/28/2011 03:42 PM Andrea Zito

Changed context deallocation of libs3_delegate_helper: now respects const qualifiers

b9e7dd7b 03/28/2011 03:40 PM Andrea Zito

Added optional buffer deallocation for cloud_helper get/put operations

ae3b03ff 03/28/2011 09:28 AM Andrea Zito

Added delegate cloud helper for Amazon S3 through libs3