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grapes / src / TopologyManager / cyclon.c @ ef8002fd

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de42b756 11/21/2010 04:42 PM Andrea Zito

Merge branch cloudcast_integration


d83a94fa 11/19/2010 02:36 PM Andrea Zito

Ncast now fully supports contexts. Context extended to topo_proto

f3ab0d6d 11/15/2010 11:57 AM Andrea Zito

Ncast now fully supports contexts. Context extended to topo_proto

06113eb4 11/10/2010 11:33 AM Andrea Zito

Peersampler contexts now have type peersampler_context. Context as return value of *init

7474452a 11/09/2010 09:34 AM Andrea Zito

Removed use of typedef from cyclon_context

32fa0db9 11/08/2010 03:24 PM Andrea Zito

Added context support to peersampler_iface and to cyclon peersampler implementation.

a71c9659 10/27/2010 08:15 AM Luca Abeni

Remove some cruft

db6bff6c 10/27/2010 08:13 AM Luca Abeni

Fix the cyclon protocol

When the received cache subset is not enough to fill the whole local cache,
some peers from the "in flight" cache have to be re-inserted. In this case,
the "merge" function cannot be used (because it would insert peers in cache
according to their timestamps).

c54e79cb 10/26/2010 06:49 AM Luca

Merge the caches instead of performing a union... Allow to have ordered results

cc72ee11 10/26/2010 06:48 AM Luca

Send a little bit more entries by default...

b501da37 10/26/2010 06:48 AM Luca Abeni

Make the cache size and sent entries configurable

8bf781e5 10/26/2010 06:47 AM Luca Abeni

Cosmetic: remove empty line

380f01e0 10/26/2010 06:46 AM Luca

Free local cache before re-assigning it

6994dc0a 10/26/2010 06:45 AM Luca Abeni

Remove debug printfs

194ec532 10/26/2010 06:42 AM Luca Abeni

Add a CYCLON protocol... Not tested yes, and still needs some work!