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Added by Csaba Kiraly about 10 years ago

Properly added the RateLImiter configuration.
By default, no rate limiter is used.

Params can be changed from command line:
-n bucketsize=B,rate=R,queuesize=Q,RTXqueuesize=RTX,RTXholtdingtime=T

Defaults are
B=100 [kB]
R=0 [no limit]
Q= 100 [kB]
RTX = 125 [kB approx 1sec@1mbps stream]
T=1 [sec]

WARNING: check default param in case you want to impose the rate limitation...

based on git-svn-id: https://repository.napa-wine.eu/svn/napawine-software/trunk/GRAPES@2209 c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913


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