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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  ChunkBuffer 98bc2380 over 11 years Luca Abeni Some fixes
  ChunkTrading 2fb6f61a about 12 years Luca Abeni Allocate memory before copying...
  Tests 410fd7f8 over 11 years Luca Abeni Add Chunk Buffer test
  TopologyManager e933e753 about 12 years Luca Abeni Move the topology manager into the som

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
98bc2380 01/09/2010 02:25 PM Luca Abeni

Some fixes

0940b7ec 01/09/2010 02:15 PM Luca Abeni

First shot at a real config implementation

ced82324 01/09/2010 01:57 PM Luca Abeni

Avoid memory overallocation for the config tags

410fd7f8 01/09/2010 01:49 PM Luca Abeni

Add Chunk Buffer test

c3ed3606 01/09/2010 12:14 PM Luca Abeni

Add a "destroy" call, + some random fixes (logical error in
insert sorting, etc...)

03dddbe7 01/09/2010 12:13 PM Luca Abeni

Fix logical error in the tag searching routine

359e99fc 01/08/2010 11:51 PM Luca Abeni

Simple insertion sort... Can be changed in shell sort later

9c41353a 01/08/2010 03:36 PM Luca Abeni


40be1074 01/07/2010 04:01 PM Luca Abeni

first shot at a chunkbuffer API...

a9979f3b 08/31/2009 12:06 PM Luca Abeni

Basic test code for chunk encoding/decoding

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