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Added by Csaba Kiraly over 10 years ago

newscast extension: adding query tokens

We deal with the following problem: our query is lost (either due to packet loss or due to dead peer). In this case we try to send another query through
- loss indicator: not receiving a reply
- action: sending another query
- note: as you'll see, it is enough to keep this on average, no need to track sessions
- note2: we could try to assume symmetric packet losses and thus assume that half of queries associated to lost replies did get through, but this is clearly not the case when sending to dead peers, so we do not make tihs assumption and use the absence of a reply as a direct indicator of a loss.

handling of query_tokens:
- in each loop, we gain a token
- we send out as many queries in a loop as many tokens we have (no change to the number of tokens)
- a token is lost when a reply is received


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