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1ca260c0 08/24/2012 11:18 PM Csaba Kiraly

mingw32: the --build parameter is needed as well

config.guess is broken, so we should add the --build when --host is set :(

cd82ec27 08/24/2012 10:17 PM Csaba Kiraly

Revert "minGW-w64: solving libconfuse configure string problem"

a better solution is to use the correct host string. It is not "mingw32", but something with an A-B-mingw* format.

This reverts commit da07e079c192877ffecf879219d7198172e6e18c.

da07e079 08/01/2012 01:53 AM Csaba Kiraly

minGW-w64: solving libconfuse configure string problem

--host was specified instead of --build. It was wonking
on some systems, but it was not working on others

df80908b 02/12/2012 12:53 PM Giovanni [dacav] Simoni

Compilation system fix for OpenSUSE 64 bits

The building system complained about missing '.a' archive for internally
used libraries (libevent, libconfuse, libxml2). This was due to the fact

- On 64-bit openSUSE, due to internal distribution settings, the...

60b0e106 10/27/2011 04:40 PM Csaba Kiraly

turn off FEC by default

a9b25bfa 10/25/2011 02:03 AM Csaba Kiraly add FEC option

e1b1a4b2 08/09/2011 10:06 PM Csaba Kiraly

fix debug info in executables and use of CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, CXXFLAGS

for details

1161176c 08/04/2011 02:51 PM Csaba Kiraly

build-all: change ftp url to http for libxml

easier for people behind badly configured proxies

0b0cbf31 08/04/2011 02:45 PM Csaba Kiraly

build-all: fix OS detection

1e08ea16 07/13/2011 09:33 PM ArpadBakay

Eliminite some compiler warning messages

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

4fa89085 07/13/2011 09:33 PM ArpadBakay

Make libxml2 build without error under windows and disable ALTO for Windows builds

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913

1dd91277 06/06/2011 06:37 AM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: detect make -j parameter only in case of linux

was not working for Mac;
also, some make -j N install commands created problems on Mac

0c1b0f20 06/06/2011 06:37 AM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: detect OS type and set some Mac specific flags

cb092832 06/06/2011 06:35 AM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: Mac compatible way of figuring out script file location

a12197c0 06/05/2011 02:17 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: handle tmp filenames in a Mac compatible way

a6896c39 05/09/2011 10:23 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: fixing configure params for mingw32 build

6791077e 05/09/2011 10:22 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: removing log4c compilation

b3b74300 05/09/2011 10:21 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: adding cache_or_wget and download cache

0e383106 03/21/2011 05:10 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: fixes to RTX compilation

3f532f20 03/21/2011 03:25 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: turning on RTX by default

ef56f124 03/21/2011 03:25 PM Csaba Kiraly

build_all: adding RTX configuration option (default remains off)

792465fa 02/02/2011 10:04 PM Csaba Kiraly

Merge portablestreamer-win into trunk

git-svn-id: c54fac2e-1815-407e-9b96-088d06743913