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595ac9f8 11/16/2011 12:42 PM Csaba Kiraly

changing to AGPL

10352159 06/30/2011 06:36 PM Csaba Kiraly

output: fixing publish problems with chunkstream-io

The chunkstream version had no reorder code, thus some publish calls
were missing. Now both outputs share the same reorder code for stats,
but the chunkstream passes through the chunks before reordering for...

03de31e0 05/02/2011 02:13 PM Csaba Kiraly

changing input (-f) and output (-F) parameter format

we had a mixed use of flags, I/O file name and parameters.
Now it has been unified.

47eba4b4 03/16/2011 05:09 PM Csaba Kiraly

temp hack: changing dechunkizer to video only mode

a2fa286f 03/15/2011 09:12 AM Luca Abeni

start/stop frame number patch, by Marco

5d20a6a7 03/02/2011 09:04 AM Luca Abeni

Enable stats output

af0e363a 03/02/2011 08:53 AM Csaba Kiraly

output=grapes: add dummy config with "dummy:"

f14985ba 02/10/2011 08:31 AM Luca Abeni

Enable to use the UDP (de)chunkiser

to use UDP, use
as input or output file name

327fc1a6 02/08/2011 07:42 AM Luca Abeni

GRAPES IO, first draft