From 02/10/2016 to 03/10/2016


10:07 AM Revision 4f432e4a: [note]
Quynh PX Nguyen
09:57 AM Revision df1b1a42: [thesis - latex] All the writing of the thesis up to now
Quynh PX Nguyen


03:51 PM Revision 4ceb9f92: Plot the running time of BC and HBC for 3 types of graphs: Erdos, Community Ne...
Quynh PX Nguyen
02:23 PM Revision 072a5b5a: Analyze the experiment result.
Input: *.out1
Output: *.out2, *.out3
*.out2 the average running time for each graphs, from 10 repetitions.
*.out3 th...
Quynh PX Nguyen


03:41 PM Revision 4fe0cb58: Simulation with output both the clock_begin, clock_end
Quynh PX Nguyen


12:36 PM Revision 4b37c1d9: Analyze the bi-connected components for CN and PL graphs
Quynh PX Nguyen


10:39 AM Revision 9fc1fa64: Code to run experiments
Quynh PX Nguyen
10:23 AM Revision 911d0520: Makefile for different targets: arm, mips
Quynh PX Nguyen


02:46 PM Revision 4ca27bae: [b] HBC doesn't work in QEMU since I miss the "return" statement.
Quynh PX Nguyen


03:15 PM Revision 3de6402b: [OpenWrt] Script to move source code, and compile toolchain
Quynh PX Nguyen
01:41 PM Revision 1e73dd2a: [OpenWrt] Script to move graph-parser and compile toolchain into OpenWrt Image...
Quynh PX Nguyen
01:40 PM Revision f9e3a1f0: Making the parser receiving the input from commandline
Quynh PX Nguyen


03:36 PM Revision 3673c3e8: [HBC - Python] Backup code
Quynh PX Nguyen
03:33 PM Revision 46d9d2ec: [report] Backup all the report
Quynh PX Nguyen
03:29 PM Revision d5b7a27f: [HBCW] Heuristic Betweenness Centrality for weighted graph
Quynh PX Nguyen
03:03 PM Feature #55 (New): HBC for weighted graph
For ninux_30_1, and olsr, the result of HBC for weighted graph (HBCW) is equal to Brandes Betweenness Centrality with... Quynh PX Nguyen


04:33 PM Revision e263e3c7: [HBC]
It's now working with
- jsoninfo_topo.json
- graph where there are edges that are not included in Bi-Connected Compon...
Quynh PX Nguyen


05:25 PM Revision 162e1bda: [milestone] HBC - working for unweighted graph. The generates the ou...
Quynh PX Nguyen


11:07 AM Feature #54 (New): About the gap between brandes BC and heuristic BC
Please read the section 1.
In short: this is due to not including targets in the boost::brandes_betweenness_centra...
Quynh PX Nguyen
11:04 AM Support #53 (New): BC inter problem
Please check out the section 2 in the report. Quynh PX Nguyen

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