From 07/02/2015 to 07/31/2015


08:01 AM Revision e86eadf9 (sssimulator): apply maintenance bufixes to next branch
Luca Baldesi
08:01 AM Revision c02ceab4 (sssimulator): apply small bufixes
Luca Baldesi
07:53 AM Revision bf3d3ebd (sssimulator): refactor action event initialization and standardize event priority
two default priority levels are defined: HIGH_EVENT_PRIORITY and LOW_EVENT_PRIORITY Luca Baldesi


01:53 PM Revision 659ba19d (sssimulator): add copyright banner to "event driven" files
Luca Baldesi
01:49 PM Revision 52770a8f (sssimulator): add event driven simulation module
the '-e' parameter can be used to make SSSim use the event driven simulation approach Luca Baldesi
01:46 PM Revision 0bf1a874 (sssimulator): add priority flag to events
if events have same time the new one is pushed in the last position possible (FIFO)
the priority flag can be used to ...
Luca Baldesi
01:43 PM Revision a79ee600 (sssimulator): fix bug in ord_array position selection
Luca Baldesi


05:07 PM Revision af271552 (sssimulator): add event scheduler
04:29 PM Revision 6b38058b (sssimulator): Add tests and Dl/ELp scheduling algorithm
04:24 PM Revision 86681e55 (sssimulator): first version

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