From 03/23/2017 to 04/21/2017


09:45 AM Revision 4e1201d0 (sssimulator): change chunk selection strategy to meet Peerstreamer one
Luca Baldesi
09:45 AM Revision 58d227ad (sssimulator): change to peerstreamer type of peer/chunk selection
Luca Baldesi
09:33 AM Revision eeaea29f (sssimulator): Add per-edge-events feature to SSSim.
This feature make the simulator acts on per-edge basis rather than on per-node basis.
It only works with the event-dr...
Luca Baldesi
09:31 AM Revision 4dfa0b55 (sssimulator): Add gurobi version for the WuLi optimization algorithm algorithm
After installing the gurobi library in the system, the file "" should be modified accordingly and sourced be... Luca Baldesi
08:51 AM Revision f1158e5c (sssimulator): Refactor Makefile
Luca Baldesi


03:20 PM Revision 4e73bffa (sssimulator): Fix bug on Wu-Li algorithm, source output capacity
Luca Baldesi
03:19 PM Revision f8b3b06b (sssimulator): fix bug on source output capacity. In SSSim source always output...
Luca Baldesi


07:45 PM Revision 0a30b3dd (sssimulator): Fix neighbourhood limit bug in Wu-Li optimization
Luca Baldesi
07:44 PM Revision 7379ce39 (sssimulator): refactor Makefile due to a compilation error with lpsolve library
Luca Baldesi
07:43 PM Revision 93cdc354 (sssimulator): fix bug on the node output limit
Luca Baldesi


10:25 AM Revision 225277cc (sssimulator): Refactor with bug fix on A_ij
Luca Baldesi
10:25 AM Revision a544a30d (sssimulator): Refactor inner representation of ajacency matrices
The matrix element A_ij indicates the edge from node j to node i Luca Baldesi
10:21 AM Revision b163bbc7 (sssimulator): refactor Wu-Li implementation taking into account the peculiar i...
The element A_ij indicates the edge from node j to node i Luca Baldesi


03:51 PM Revision 2edb6907 (sssimulator): Merge Wu-Li algorithm integration feature
Luca Baldesi
03:46 PM Revision 743e659d (sssimulator): add Wu and Li optimization algorithm.
The functionality is activated by loading a graph file with the option ",wuli" Luca Baldesi
03:20 PM Revision f38d871e (sssimulator): Add per-link events feature
Luca Baldesi
03:20 PM Revision 4123e0f7 (sssimulator): add per-link events.
Add a new flag (-E) to turn on the per-link event. This implies the event-driven mode (-e).
Each peer i sends an offe...
Luca Baldesi
11:55 AM Revision 80fb408d (sssimulator): add .test and .edges to gitignore
Luca Baldesi
10:33 AM Revision c8e8a6b0 (sssimulator): add optimization module derived from the paper "Optimal Rate All...
- actual (centralized) algorithm
- lpsolve optimization library as a submodule
- test case (really minimal due to the...
Luca Baldesi
10:31 AM Revision 21efaac1 (sssimulator): add helper functions to the matrix modules
- create a zero matrix
- dump a matrix into a .edge file
Luca Baldesi
10:18 AM Revision c4066d20 (lpsolve): create symbolic link in the lpsolve55 folder
Luca Baldesi


04:35 PM Revision 83bb78eb (lpsolve): fix compilation error of the library for GNU/Unix systems
Luca Baldesi
03:29 PM Revision 2e4c428d (lpsolve): version
Luca Baldesi

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