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4123e0f7 04/05/2017 03:20 PM Luca Baldesi

add per-link events.

Add a new flag (-E) to turn on the per-link event. This implies the event-driven mode (-e).
Each peer i sends an offer to its neighbor j every offer_interval times probability of j seconds, deterministically.

ba1583a3 02/04/2016 02:51 PM Luca Baldesi

fix usage print alignment

6fa73170 02/04/2016 02:48 PM Luca Baldesi

add auto-convergence feature; simulation stops after delay convergence is reached, a chunk analysis window size can be specified

c17f8c05 02/04/2016 02:43 PM Luca Baldesi

merge the delay_log feature, solve conflicts

80f4c362 01/19/2016 10:45 AM Luca Baldesi

add delay logging functionality

f850347b 01/13/2016 11:24 AM Luca Baldesi

add windowed analysis mode
add tests for convergence analysis function

make possible to analyze chunk data on blocks, evaluating the last available.

32c9a7bc 01/12/2016 10:51 AM Luca Baldesi

add auto convergence feature

this feature allow the specification a parameter of convergence on the average receiving delay and the termination of the simulation

78d8960f 09/17/2015 03:26 PM Luca Baldesi

add network load factor option.

This feature enables to specify the maximum stress on the network during streaming.
Default is netload=1, so the sum of chunks sent in one chunk time is at maximum equal to the number of peers.

8d46f8f6 09/16/2015 04:10 PM Luca Baldesi

merge graph_matrix branch and fix conflicts.

91dc88f2 08/03/2015 05:40 PM luca

combine graph files, matrix eigenvectors and simulation

This commit bind together SSSim with the matrix module which can load from file ".edges".
the centrality properties of the peers can be derived from the matrix to speed up the distribution

c02ceab4 07/31/2015 08:01 AM Luca Baldesi

apply small bufixes

bf3d3ebd 07/31/2015 07:53 AM Luca Baldesi

refactor action event initialization and standardize event priority

two default priority levels are defined: HIGH_EVENT_PRIORITY and LOW_EVENT_PRIORITY

52770a8f 07/30/2015 01:49 PM Luca Baldesi

add event driven simulation module

the '-e' parameter can be used to make SSSim use the event driven simulation approach

86681e55 07/23/2015 04:24 PM luca

first version