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Hello, this is the old personal page of Leonardo Maccari. I am not at the university of Trento Anymore, I moved to Ca' Foscari University of Venice, so this page is out of date and left only to maintain links to documents. Please wait 10 seconds to be redirected or click on the link of my new personal page.

I am an assistant professor at the Computer Science and Information Engineering department of the University of Trento (DISI). I received my master and Ph.D at the Computer Science Engeneering Faculty of Florence, In 2011 I was awarded with a Marie Curie grant to be spent at the DISI. My research deals with wireless distributed networks and specifically focuses on wireless community networks. I'm also an hacktivist of the ninux network, and a copyleft supporter.

Grants I received

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PAF-FPE: Marie Curie

This project studied wireless pervasive networks (such as multi-hop ad-hoc social networks and wireless community networks) to realise new security techniques aimed at improving their security.

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RiseApp is an idea financed by the CHEST project. It is a mobile app to share and publish media in risky situations (protests and manifestations) when Internet connectivity is filtered or temporarily blocked. The project is ongoing.

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Ongoing projects

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netCommons is a Horizon2020 research project, which proposes a novel transdisciplinary methodology on promoting and supporting the creation of network infrastructures as commons, for resiliency, sustainability, democracy, self-determination, and social integration. It will last for the period 2016-2019, my group in the DISI department is the project coordinator and i am the Work Package technical coordinator and the Coordinator of WP3.

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Wireless Community Networks: A Novel Techno-Legal Approach

A multi-disciplinary effort to study the legal implications of the use and the mis-use of a WCN and to produce technical countermeasures applicable in the loosely-organized social environment of a WCN in order to strengthen the legal position of the people in the community when a user of the network misbehaves. Financed by the University of Trento via a an internal competitive call

Past Projects

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Programmable Networks

Information-aware data plane for programmable networks is project that started in 2015 with the goal to contribute to the deployment of a high-quality/cost-effective network infrastructure via an enhanced data-plane, which is able to serve the increasing traffic demand generated by a variable set of applications. Financed by EIT-ICT labs.



Confine is a FP7 FIRE project devoted to the study of Wireless Community Networks. We entered the project via a call for sub-projects with the OSPS proposal.

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"No Cat Community" project

A project financed by the Caritro foundation to perform a multi-disciplinary study on wireless community networks. It involved the Law department of our university, and the sociology department of the university of Padua.

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ESSOR goal was to provide the architecture of Software Defined Radio (SDR) for military purposes and a military. It involved major European universities and industries.

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The main objective of the NI2S3 was to research and implement a reference methodology for developing security systems based on network enabled capabilities information and integration services for critical infrastructures

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PROFILES was a two-year italian research project partially supported by MIUR under the PRIN funding program 2007-2008. The project addressed the study of peer-to-peer communication systems.

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CRUISE intended to be a focal point in the planning and coordination of research on communication and application aspects of wireless sensor networking in Europe.

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For an EIT project we are currently cooperating with Alcatel-Lucent (Paris) to test and develop their high-performance programmable networking module.

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University of Sevilla

I have been visiting prof. Pablo Neira several times. Pablo is the main developer of the netfilter, the linux firewall, and we published a few joint papers on firewalling.

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Telecom Italia Lab

Telecom Italia is the largest Italian ISP. I participated to two projects financed by TiLab that lead to publications and patents.

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Selex ES

Selex is one of the largest Italian producer of telecommunication devices for professional markets. I participated to several projects and I am co-author of two patents.

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In 2014 I've been visiting the group of professor Leandro Navarro for a month, to work on wireless community networks.

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Phoops is a SME based in Florence with which we have a scientific cooperation in Trento, for security themes. See the Infocom 2014 poster.

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In the context of the netCommons project I started a cooperation with the CNRS group of Melanie Dulong de Rosnay on the definition of the legal status of community networks.

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In the context of the netCommons project I started a cooperation with the lab of Iordanis Koutsopoulos of AUEB with whom we are working on the application of centrality metrics to community networks analysis.

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University of Westminster

In the context of the netCommons project I started a cooperation with Christian Fuchs on the definition of a suitable sustainabiliy concept for community networks.

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University of Padua

With the Pastis group of soial science research in the university of Padua, we published 3 inter-dsciplinary publications dealing community networks.

5 Relevant Publications

IEEE Transactions on Networking 2018

Infocom 2018

Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks 2018

Elsevier Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing

IEEE Infocom 2016

IEEE Communication Letters 2017

Elsevier Computer Networks

Elsevier Ad-Hoc Networks 2015

You can find the full list of publications (about 40 including journals, patents and conference papers) in the bibliography page or in my full CV

Other Academic activities

National Qualification

In March 2018 I received the national qualification for Associate Professor (Italian “Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale, II Fascia, settori 01/B1 and 09/H1”).

Teaching activities

I have been teaching network security in several courses, I have been co-advisor of more than 30 MS or BS. Currently I am teachning Wireless Mesh and Vehicular Networks at the university of trento, together with prof. Renato Lo Cigno.


I've served in the program committee of many conferences, including prestigious conferences like IEEE Infocom (2019) and IEEE ICDCS. I am in the editorial board of Wiley “Security and Privacy” journal (launched in 2018), and have been in the Editorial Board of “Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing” I've been invited to two Dagstuhl Seminars.

Non academic activities

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I am an hacktivist of the ninux.org community network, and one of the founder of ninux in Firenze. I actively participate in the community and to international events.

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I've been active in politics. I am among the proposers of two laws that switched the municipality of Florence to Creative Commons and Open Source.

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Interviews and non scientific papers

It seems that lately, my reasearch activity and hacktivism has received attention from mainstream newspaper.

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