Community Networks dataset

Community Networks dataset

Oct 5, 2014. | By: Leonardo Maccari

This is the dataset that has been used for several papers, starting from “A week in the Life of three large Wireless Community Networks” by Leonardo Maccari and Renato Lo Cigno, published in Elsevier Ad-Hoc Networks. The data can be found on the zenodo platform togethter with a description of the format.

What i did, was to gather a week of data relative to the topologies published by three wireless community networks, and polish it removing the wired links and compressing all the devices of each node into one single logical node. The result is a set of snapshots (one each 5-10 minutes, depending on the network) of the real topologies of large wireless mesh networks, with associated the quality of each link measured with the ETX metric.

If you use this dataset, and this source code we appreciate if you cite the paper.

The dataset has been realized as part of the project “Wireless Community Networks: aspettigiuridici, sociologici e tecnologici di un nuovo strumento di aggregazione sociale” financed by the CARITRO Foundation in

  1. Further improvements to the dataset have been carried on during the netCommons project.