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The Ninux Wireless Community Network

Ninux is a Wireless Community Network, born in Rome around 2001. As such, it is a collective experience of a community of people that want to build their own network infrastructure, neutral, privacy-aware and community driven. I've joined the Ninux community in 2012 and have started the community in Firenze, my hometown.

Today Ninux accounts for hundreds of nodes spread all over Italy, and the community of Firenze is alive and kicking!

For more info:

  • The ninux website:
  • The ninux-Firenze website:
  • Activism, politics ...

    I've always been a supporter of copyleft and FLOSS, and i have been active in supporting thse idea also in politics, with some results:

    A local low from the municipality of Firenze that begun a process of full migration to Free/Open Source software. I made the proposal, wrote the main text and presented it on the relevant commission. Read more (in Italian) here

    Another local low from the municipality of Firenze that switched all the contents of the institutional websites and to a CC-BY license. Read more (in Italian) here

    Interviews, things I've written on newspapers...

    Interview for L'Espresso online An interview about FireChat and RiseApp project, for the on-line version of L'Espresso.

    Interview for L'Espresso Magazine An interview I, and other people released to L'Espresso, a well known weekly printed magazine, about wireless community networks.

    Interview for Il Manifesto A short interview and a description of RiseApp, for the printed newspaper "Il Manifesto".

    Interview for La Repubblica on-line An interview I, and other people released to La Repubblica on-line, the largest Italian newspaper on wireless community networks.

    I'm also the author of pieces on newspapers, magazines, mostly in Italian. Among these, some pieces on the on-line newspaper Punto Informatico.

    Finally, some years ago I realised a radio documentary about copyright and copyleft that you can still download from here

    Conferences, events ...

    I have organized and helped organizing several events about free software, copyleft, privacy, among which:
  • The day of the public domain in Firenze
  • A couple of e-privacy events in Firenze
  • I also participate as a speaker to many socio-technical conferences. The latest ones are:
  • Engineering days organized by the Guild of Engineers in Pistoia
  • Several linux-day events
  • Several hacker meetings, social events, etc...