The Riseapp project

The RiseApp Project

The CHEST project was an FP7 project that included three open calls to fund other projects that had some social innovation goal. RiseApp was my project proposal for the first call. It was an application to share and publish images, video and other media tailored for people that are rising up against their regimes. The idea was to realize an App and a web service that could maximise media diffusion when Internet connection is filtered, blocked or temporarily absent, and minimize the risk for the publishers to be identified and arrested, based on ad-hoc networks and Tor. The project passed the first round of funding, and I had the chance to spend some time in the design of the concept and the preparation of the proposal for the second call. I realized a white paper explaining in a non-technical jargon what I wanted to do and had the support of COSPE, an Italian ONG working in the Mediterranean region. Unfortunately the project was not funded in the second round, so I did not have the chance to realize it.